About Us


 Our company was founded in Futian District

Shenzhen  On Aug 8,2003

    At the beginning of the opening, the company mainly operated original IC and transistors. With the increase in customer volume and the increase in customer demand, starting from 2010, we began to provide customers with one-stop procurement of electronic components, thereby saving customers procurement costs and shortening procurement time.
     As China's influence grows in the world, so does the technological strength. The quality of products made in China is getting better and better, and the price is much cheaper than foreign originals. Therefore,  most of the company's electronic components are mainly produced in China, supplemented by originals.
    Up to now, with stable supply, reliable quality, good reputation and advantageous logistics services (marine, air, express), the company has become a stable partner of more and more customers (especially the United States, Central America, South America).
    Sincerely hope that friends from all over the world will contact us to get win-win !





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